All the travelers who are fond of travel recently are seen saying that airlines have increased the fares against international and domestic flights too much.

On the contrary, recently the Indian government has opened all regular international flights from March 27, due to which people traveling abroad were understanding that the fare would be very low and travel could be done by paying less money than before.

The biggest reason behind increasing the fare of airlines is that after the opening of regular international flights, people have started booking trips and in view of the summer holiday season, people have made bookings.

Due to which many airlines have to set up additional flights, in which their expenses are more, due to which the fare is being increased.

The increased in the prices of air turbine fuel is also a big reason for increasing the fare, which is increasing continuously since January 2022, due to which the airline company has to pay a huge price, that is why they increased the price of tickets.

Let us tell you that when the airlines are open after being closed for 24 consecutive months, then the airline companies will also compensate for some of their loss, this is also the reason why they are increasing the fare.

During the corona virus, the airline company was running 40 to 50 percent of its capacity, in which they had to bear the entire 100 percent and the income was getting only 40 or 50 percent, this is also the reason why they had to compensate for this loss. 


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