GoFirst, formerly known as GoAir, will operate more flights between Abu Dhabi and three Indian destinations after a reduction in coronavirus and to recover losses from the Covid period.

GoFirst is currently charging around INR 12000 for a one-way ticket from Abu Dhabi to Delhi. A trip to Kannur, located in the south Indian state of Kerala, costs around INR 5400; The price of Mumbai is almost the same.

Etihad Airways, Abu Dhabi's major carrier, appears to be charging around INR 9000 for Mumbai and over INR 18000 for Delhi.

In response to the "increasing demand for these routes", the airline will operate daily flights to Mumbai, Kannur and Delhi, Abu Dhabi Airport said in a statement on Monday.

The announcement comes after the resumption of international flights to and from the country in line with bilateral agreements established by the Indian government, part of the airport's summer programme. Abu Dhabi has made PCR testing optional for passengers flying into the Emirates.

India Ends RT-PCR for Travellers From UAE

Last week, Air India Express announced that India has phased out PCR testing for fully vaccinated passengers from the United Arab Emirates.

In a letter issued to travel agents, the carrier said that guests who have completed the full vaccination schedule of both doses from the list of countries recognized on the basis of 'reciprocity', will be required to receive RT- Exempted from PCR test.


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