Travelers visiting Kashmir will be thrilled to know that there is now a hot air balloon service at Zabarwan Park in Srinagar. Now you can experience the beautiful Zbarwan Park and its surrounding areas with riding in hot air balloon.

Hot Air Balloon is all set to attract locals and tourists alike and offer them a whole new form of entertainment. You can have amazing views of Dal Lake while floating in the air with this hot air balloon over Jabarwan Park.

Kashmir Tourism officials says that, "Around five years ago, a routine balloon service was introduced but this time, in a first, we have launched a hot air balloon service to attract tourists and local visitors."

Each balloon can carry four passengers at a time in addition to its captain. There are some security measures that are mandatory.

As after the low down in the cases of novel coronavirus, Kashmir has seen a huge jump in tourist arrivals, which is the highest in the last ten years. In fact, 15000 passengers arrived at the Srinagar airport on March 28, which is the highest in a single day in the history of the airport.


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