DGCA has issued a notice against SpiceJet and its Noida based its Training Organisation, in which 90 pilots have come to the fore for not operating flights properly.

The main reason for this is that the pilot is not able to takeoff properly in Boeing simulators while taking off and co-pilot was not able to perform all the functions of the airplane properly.

Official of DGCA has said that we have issued a notice against 90 SpiceJet flight pilots who could not do the training properly in flight simulators.

Replying to the DGCA, SpiceJet's spokesperson has said that we have received the notice in this regards and are trying to reply soon and would like to tell that keeping in mind the safety and security purpose, and if found any mistakes in pilots then we will strictly takes action against them.

Whereas the controller officer is not there that there is no shortcomings in SpiceJet and its pilot, when they got the right simulator, they completed their training completely.


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