Recently, the number of notices served by DGCA to SpiceJet is coming to the fore whether it is safe to travel in SpiceJet.

Let us tell you that recently SpiceJet's Training Academy which is located in Noida under surveillance by DGCA, it was found that Pilot is not able to take off and land flights properly.

Pilots have taken off and landing with many shortcomings in simulators, in which one thing is also coming to the fore that the simulators in which this training was going on is also facing some drawback which is made by Boeing CompanySpiceJet is considered as the most budget flight of India. Along with LCC, it is also quite famous for its service rendered to the travellers.

At such a time, such news is shocking everyone that notice has been issued to SpiceJet from DGCA, due to its 90 pilot not scored proper training, in which SpiceJet has said in its reply that if any deficiency is found, we will investigate it thoroughly and take action against these pilots.

After news, Travel Exports has also said that there is likely to be a huge drop in SpiceJet bookings in the coming times as safety is the first criterion for a passenger to travel. But at the same time, it is also reported that there is no shortage in SpiceJet's pilots, the lack is in the simulator in which training was going on, due to some problem in its non-box, the pilot is unable to get through takeoff and landing.

If we talk about safety, then airplane is still the safest way to travel in the world in which the chances of accidents are very less as compared to any other means of transport.

Boeing is always in discussions for everything, sometimes for good service and sometimes due to the upcoming flaws, in two accidents in 2018 and in 2019, both the planes belonged to the Boeing, one was of Malindo Air. And the other was Ethiopian Airlines

In such difficult times, passengers will have to rely on SpiceJet because this airline has always given good services and has taken its passengers to their destination with convenience and caution.


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