Thailand is one of the most sought after vacation destinations for Indian travelers, and rightly so. If you too are planning a trip to Thailand, here are the most important tips to get you rolling. With these expert tips, you can just relax, sit back, and be ready for the trip of your lifetime.

Book Your Tickets

Before booking your flights, compare different flight options and their costs from different flight booking websites to get the best deal for you. You will find many flights flying to Thailand from Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore and other major cities of India.

You can easily find affordable airlines that will offer you the option to book round trip tickets, but only with cabin baggage. It's not a bad option if you pack wisely, and you also get the option of not waiting for your checked baggage, which often takes more than half an hour.

Apply For Thailand Pass

Indians will need a Thailand Pass
, which can be applied for online. Additionally, there are agents who are authorized to help you obtain it. Check the checklist before applying and maintain all the required documents with you for a hassle free process while applying for the Thailand pass.

Pickup The Hotel

Thailand will offer you many accommodation options
, so it is always better to book your stay well in advance of your trip to save a few bucks. It is even better if you select the place of your stay that is suitable for you, at least 3 months in advance, and get it online to get better deals. 

If you are traveling on a tight budget, or traveling alone, you will find many hostels that are as cheap as INR 400 per night.

If possible, try to book your stay close to the attractions you have bookmarked on your travel wish list and close to public transport.

Pre-Book Tickets To Attractions

Most attractions in Thailand will require an entry ticket, which you can also obtain online. The prices are fixed, and it is advisable that you book them anytime before your trip to save time and avoid waiting in queues at the entrance to get your ticket. 

Also, if you go for combo tickets, you will be surprised to see that they will come at a lower cost than individual tickets.

These are some advisory from that can help you and make your Thailand's journey pleasent.


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