Summer months have arrived, many people are planning to go for summer vacations. Of course, visiting some places in summer is quite exciting and memorable.

But along with the zeal to travel, it is very important to take special care of your health and food. Eating outside food during travel can cause health problems. Therefore, it is very important to take care of your diet during the holidays as you mostly depend on outside food.

Some Safe Travel Tips

Have a light meal

Eat light food during travel. On the other hand, if the journey is long, then light food gets digested faster than heavy food. You can take food items like boiled eggs, dal, rice or khichdi to eat during the journey. Also, don't forget to carry some fruit or fruit juice to keep the energy up in the journey.

Carry Home Made Food

Keep some ready-to-eat food before you go on a trip. You can also make sandwiches for this. Also, you can eat salad, fruits and dry fruits as snacks.

Avoid Oily Food

Many people do not hold back from eating chips, crisps and fried things while traveling. Oily foods are not digested quickly in summers and can cause problems like acidity, gas and indigestion. So try to minimize the consumption of these things in the journey.

Dring More Water

Don't forget to drink plenty of water during the journey. If possible, keep some water bottles with you from home. If you have to buy water, then buy only a sealed bottle of water while travelling. You can also drink packaged juices or other drinks if you want.

Eat Food On Time

It is quite possible to delay your lunch or dinner during the journey. But if you have not been able to have your lunch then it is advisable to eat food at regular intervals. Don't skip your breakfast and you shouldn't be on an empty stomach while travelling. If you have had a heavy meal then it is advisable to give at least 5-6 hours to the food to be completely digested, otherwise it may cause problems like bloating.

Here are some useful tips that to follow by every traveller to prevent themselves from any mishapening during this summer vacation.


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