While news from the United Kingdom suggests that a new variant of COVID-19, called XE, may be our next big concern, the travel world paints an entirely different image. Regular flights have been restored, countries have reopened, and some have even relaxed all previously held travel rules.

Countries that are currently open for travel. Thailand, Maldives, United Arab Emirates, UK, Italy, Germany, Kenya and France to name a few are allowing you to travel without quarantine.

During such times, it is only wise to look around and think that it is really safe to travel. It can happen, if you are taking all the necessary precautions.

To be on the safe side you should opt for a booster shot. After all, ever since people got vaccinated, the number of COVID cases around the world has decreased. So if the travel bug has bitten you, and you plan to go out and explore the world.

Get all your vaccines, and you're more likely to have a good time without getting sick. Also, many countries have made it mandatory for passengers to take booster shots before their arrival.

Ever since the pandemic started, people are opting for homestays instead of hotels. A homestay that is kept isolated, away from the crowd, without the intervention of too many people, is always safer than hotels.

Some places have even started caravans for passengers, which can be even more beneficial in terms of keeping themselves safe from the virus.

If it is possible to walk on the road, this is your best option. Flights are better than trains because your journey is for less time, and you are not in contact with as many people as how you are on a train.


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