There are three long weekends in August, along with Independence Day, Muharram and Raksha Bandhan. Indian travelers, after staying at home for almost two years, want to make the most of it by planning shorter getaways in advance.

The long-weekend excitement is back, and many are looking forward to making the most of this upcoming weekend.

Companies are seeing an increase in people traveling to their hometowns for leisure travel, stays and longer vacations from August 11 to 15. Coorg, Kerala and Pondicherry are among the top favorite destinations to be explored by travelers this monsoon.

There has been a consistent week-on-week increase in bookings at hotels and alternative accommodation properties in some of the preferred holiday hotspots.

As consumer travel sentiment remains strong towards travel, the hospitality industry remains optimistic about the future of travel and the return of leisure as international borders reopen. Domestic travellers are also spending more money for long weekends, as 4-star hotels see a rise in queries

Travel today is more flexible than ever before due to the change in trends. Weekend trips are often constricted for pocket travelers. To this end, hostels in destinations like Goa, Udaipur and Coorg have seen almost 100% increase in their bookings.

Consumers today are choosing experiential and unexplored travel destinations. Even during the generally short monsoon season, Indian travelers expressed high travel desire for intercity road trips of around 1-3 days.


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