Aura Aerospace Technology Private Limited Company of Mumbai is currently working on building a space capsule that can carry six people and a pilot into space and all this by the year 2025. 

From a distance of 35 km above sea level, one will be able to see the curvature of the Earth and the vast emptiness of space. The tourists will be brought to a radius of 35 km from Earth on a spacecraft attached to a unique high-altitude balloon system.

The space capsule measuring 10 ft x 8 ft will be equipped with all life support and information systems. The curvature of the Earth and the vast emptiness of space can be seen from a distance of 35 km above sea level.

The company says that being so small in such a large space will be an overwhelming experience. Passengers will be able to enjoy it for about an hour. Once it is time to return to Earth, the space balloon will be slowly blown up into the air and eventually torn apart. A parachute will take its place for a safe landing.

Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh have been identified as the future locations from where these space flights will be launched.

The outcome of this very futuristic venture only time will tell. But whatever it is, India is not too far from carving a niche for itself in the field of space tourism.


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