As the world faced many losses and damages due to coronavirus, the aviation sectors also faced much because of this pandemic.

The aviation sector was the worst hit due to the coronavirus as the government imposes several restrictions on the operating activities of airlines, leading to several challenges for many airlines during that period.

As after the pandemic the airlines are being allowed by the government to operate with full efficiency and some of the limits imposed by the government have also been removed.

Festive season is behind the rising price as the demand for travel during the festive season is simultaneously increasing and then airline companies also making high profit during this.

Another main reason is the rising price of ATF as the price of Air Turbine Fuel is increasing day by day, as the price of ATF increases 5 times since the start of the pandemic and the price also tripled from the previous price.

Airlines are now maintaining balance as many airlines faced many challenges and are now earning higher profits by raising prices to recover their debt.


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