Any passport holder with single name as either surname is not available, will not be accepted by UAE Immigration with immediate effect and the passenger will be treated as INAD (inadmissible passenger).

For example if any passengers name on his /her passport 

Given name : _Praveen_ Surname: _blank_
Given name: _blank_ Surname: _Praveen_ 
Then such a passenger will not be issued a visa and in case if visa is issued previously then he will be INAD by immigration.


If any passenger has the following name in his passport, then  

Given name : Praveen Kumar Surname: _blank_
Given name: _blank_ Surname: Praveen Kumar

Then this is acceptable.

What is INAD

INAD is a term used for travelers who are not allowed to enter the country they wish to travel to. This term is for the unacceptable passenger. This aviation term is used at international airports and as per civil aviation laws, INAD passengers must be taken back to their home country by the airline.

There is a doubt in the minds of many that why this single name entry has been restricted by the UAE immigration, but till now the UAE and UAE government has revealed the reason behind this operation.


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