This news is very surprising for all the travelers living in India that  Let us tell you that from November 21, 2022, people who have a single name in their passport will neither be able to get a visa nor will they be able to enter the UAE, due to this many people in India who wanted to go like this created panic among them.

There are many people with single name in India like if someone's name in passport is only 'Sumit' then he will be considered as single if someone has 'Sumit Kumar' in passport then he is eligible to go to UAE.

Possiblity of Starting of Entry for Single Name Individuals

let us also tell you that on last Friday, a meeting was held between the officials of UAE Immigration and Indian Immigration, in which the topic of SINGLE NAME IN PASSPORT was discussed, from which it is heard that this rule may be abolished from the second week of December.

This topic has been discussed in the emigration department of both the countries and keeping topic of SINGLE NAME IN PASSPORT in mind, but no decision has been taken yet, but in the first and second week of December, single name people will also be able to enter.

This new rule has been implemented because due to this, airlines were facing a lot of difficulty in booking tickets, if someone has a single name in the passport, then what will he put in the last column or else due to leaving it blank or due to wrong format, the airline was not allowing  travellers and offload due to wrong format.


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