Taj Mahal has been put on high alert due to the increase in the cases of corona virus worldwide. As a result, before visiting a World Heritage Site, all visitors will be required to undergo a Covid-19 test.

COVID-19 tests For Taj Mahal visitors

The decision to require COVID-19 testing for tourists was taken to prevent the spread of the infection, as the Taj Mahal is frequently visited by tourists from around the world. It comes after China, the United States, Brazil, South Korea and Japan all reported a high number of coronavirus cases.

The District Health Information Officer said that a large number of domestic and foreign tourists visit the World Heritage site every day and they will have to undergo a Covid test before coming.

Anil Satsangi, the District Health Information Officer said, "The health department has already started the tests to prevent the spread of infection. As the alert is on, the tests have now been made mandatory for all the visitors."


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