Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS), the aviation security watchdog in India, has recommended the installation of computer tomography scanners at airports. These scanners will allow passengers to place electronic devices in their luggage during security checks.

BCAS, under the Ministry of Civil Aviation, had proposed for these scanners, which would provide 3D visualization of items in hand baggage. BCAS Joint Director General Jaideep Prasad announced the proposal on Wednesday.

Computed Tomography Scanners At Airports

Jaydeep said in his statement, "With such scanners, passengers will not be required to take out their electronic devices from hand baggage before going through the scanner."

The scanners used at airports only provide a 2D view of the items inside hand baggage. The installation of new scanners based on computer tomography technology is expected to improve the accuracy and speed of the security screening process at airports.

At sensitive airports, the Ministry of Civil Aviation has deployed or proposed to deploy various technologies including Computer Tomography Explosive Detection Systems (CT-EDS) machines and Dual Generator X-BIS machines.


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