Goa Tourism Department has issued this advisory for tourists, along with a set of instructions aimed at protecting the privacy of travelers, ensuring their safety and helping them avoid being cheated by anti-social elements, among other things.

New guidelines says, "Do not take selfies and photographs without permission of other tourists/strangers, especially while sunbathing or sea swimming, so as to respect their privacy."

Apart from several other issues related to the tourism industry, the advisory also forbids tourists from taking selfies at dangerous places like sea cliffs and steep cliffs to avoid accidents.

Goa's tourism department has urged travelers visiting the coastal state not to damage or destroy heritage sites by writing graffiti or attempting any means to deface any monument.

It urged commuters to be vigilant and not hire illegal private taxis, and urged them to go for metered fares to avoid overcharging. Holidaymakers are also advised to book accommodation with legal hotels/villas or accommodation facilities registered with the Department of Tourism.

As per the advisory, consumption of alcohol in open areas like beaches etc. is prohibited and is a punishable offence; However, alcohol can be consumed responsibly inside legally licensed premises such as shacks/restaurants, hotels etc.

Tourists have also been advised not to entertain illegal touts or agents for booking water sports and river cruises. The advisory further states that cooking in open areas is prohibited, and any person found violating the rule can be fined up to Rs 50,000.


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