The couple decided to leave their baby at an airport check-in counter after they were told they would have to buy a separate ticket for the infant.

Well, the incident happened at Tel Aviv Ben-Gurion airport.

The child did not have a ticket and when the parents left to board the flight, they were told that they would need a ticket for the infant as well. Noticing this, they left without the little one! Reportedly, the couple was traveling to Brussels on Belgian passports when they learned they would have to pay extra for the child's ticket.

The couple had tickets booked with Ryanair airline and according to its website, the infants can be included in flight reservations during the online booking process. When planning to travel with an infant, a pop-up message appears on the site stating that there is a fee of $27 for each one-way flight a child takes on an adult's lap.

The airline concerned said the couple had not purchased an infant ticket in advance and, according to airport personnel, left their baby in a baby stroller near the desk and proceeded to passport control.

After this, the local police reached the spot and took up the matter. Police later stated that the situation had been resolved by the time police arrived at the scene, adding that there was no need for further investigation, and that the child was with the parents.


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