Bali is planning to ban foreign tourists from using motorbikes in the near future due to several cases of rape. There is no clear information from when this new rule will be implemented, but it will be implemented as soon as possible.

The government decided to bring this rule after several cases of tourists driving vehicles without valid driving licences, helmets and sometimes with fake license plates.

As an alternative, the authorities have suggested using cars provided by travel agents. However, this didn't sit too well with the local tour operators. The problem of jam cannot be ruled out. It was pointed out that if everyone started using cars to get around the island, there would be too many cars on the road at the same time.

Plus, Bali isn't just about the islands. There are many nooks and crannies around the island that are not accessible by cars. Two wheelers are the best option for such places. Another reason to prefer motorbikes is that you can move around at your own pace and explore more places with ease.

It is not clear whether there will be a complete ban on all motorbikes for foreign tourists or some other way of enforcing this rule. One thing is for sure, foreign tourists may face stricter regulations when visiting Bali.


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