Flight-related incidents are happening a lot these days. And the latest incident pertains to a man in the United States who allegedly opened an emergency exit door on a plane, causing its emergency slides to activate before takeoff. If reports are to be believed, the said person has been arrested after the incident.

The incident happened at Los Angeles International Airport. Disclosing more about the incident, Los Angeles airport police said the passenger apparently ran to the front of the plane while it was being pushed away from the gate, and asked the flight attendant, "What do I do now?"

The flight attendant told the man to be seated, he ran to the plane's emergency exit door, turned the latch, opened the door, and slid down the deployed emergency slide.

Well, the incident forced the plane to come to a halt while the man who opened the emergency exit jumped behind a baggage cart where the baggage handlers helped him down, following which airport police arrived.

The airline said in a statement that the flight returned to the gate due to an unruly passenger who was initially detained by Delta employees before being arrested by local law enforcement.

Los Angeles Airport Police further stated that the FBI has been notified of the incident. Reports say that airport police responded and took the passenger into custody for further investigation.

Following the incident, the unruly passenger was taken to a local hospital for mental evaluation, while the other passengers were rescued and taken to another aircraft. The flight was delayed by 3 hours because of this incident.


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