Manchester City Council has introduced a tourist tax in an effort to improve the visitor experience, making it the first city in the UK to do so. The City Visitor Fee will charge visitors an additional £1 per room per night for their stay.

The funds raised will be used for large scale events, conferences, festivals, marketing campaigns and cleaning of streets. This innovative initiative will raise £3 million a year to support the tourism sector and create jobs, as well as boosting the city's overall economy.

After housing providers voted in favor of the levy scheme, the Manchester Housing Business Improvement District (ABID) was formed. Currently, 73 hotels and serviced apartments have joined the programme.

ABID aims to increase the number of overnight stays with the rapid expansion of the housing sector. Over the next few years, the expansion is expected to add approximately 6,000 new bedrooms.

Benefits of the Tourist Tax

The tourist tax, according to Annie Brown of Manchester Abid, would help create a more sustainable and thriving area, allowing visitors from around the world to experience the best of what Manchester and Salford have to offer.

The tourist tax is being implemented at a turning point in the city's recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. It is anticipated that this will boost the tourism industry and provide additional funding to support large events and marketing campaigns.


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