Now space travel is available for everyone but at a very high cost. There is a company that will help you go a step ahead, and the only catch is that you need Rs 1 crore per person.

Space Perspective is the company that has announced this unique arrangement that will give the opportunity send travellers into orbit in a carbon-neutral balloon, which will be equipped with huge windows that will offer the best possible views of Earth.

Reportedly, it will be a 6-hour Spaceship Neptune flight, which will have the ability to lift guests up to 100,000 feet above Earth and then bring them back. It plans to launch this initiative in 2024. Reports say that they have already sold 1,000 tickets.

The company's spaceballoon division will launch the spacecraft Neptune into orbit, powered by renewable hydrogen without the use of rockets or the resulting carbon footprint.

People will be able to fully enjoy during the flight. They'll receive cocktails, chat with fellow travelers, and select the perfect playlist for the climb. The website states that the capsule also has fully equipped restrooms with a unique view. Plus, there will be a high-speed, Wi-Fi connection to allow guests to stay in touch with their friends and family.


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