Saudi Arabia has introduced a simplified entry process for tourists holding visas from the United Kingdom, the United States and Schengen countries. With the new instant e-Visa system, visitors can now enjoy a hassle-free experience in exploring the Kingdom's tourist places and cultural heritage.

Saudi Arabia unveiled a new instant e-visa system aimed at boosting tourism and facilitating entry into the kingdom.

The ministry announced that permanent residents of any European Union nation as well as persons holding tourist visas from the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Schengen countries can now avail of a hassle-free entry process.

The streamlined entry has been made possible through the introduction of the expedited e-Visa system, which can be accessed through the website of the Ministry of External Affairs.

Recently, the country also announced a new e-Visa system to replace the existing sticker visa for international travelers coming from UAE, Jordan, Egypt, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia and Philippines.

Saudi Instant e-Visa Requirements

  1. Eligible Nationalities: Permanent residents of UK, US, Schengen and EU.
  2. Valid Visa Requirement: Hold a valid tourist/business visa from UK, US or Schengen used at least once.
  3. Exception for family members: First-degree relatives of visa holders may also be eligible.
  4. Visa on Arrival for Permanent Residents: Permanent Residents can bring family members through Visa on Arrival.
  5. Compliance and Limitations: Follow local laws, carry identity documents, and note that Haj/Umrah is not covered by tourist visa.
Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Tourism is taking important steps to promote tourism and simplify entry procedures for visitors. The introduction of instant e-visas for UK, US and Schengen tourist visa holders as well as permanent residents of EU countries marks a positive development that aims to attract a diverse range of tourists.


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