M2M service provider, Sensorise has launched India's first consumer travel eSIM, offering worldwide connectivity. Designed to meet the needs of leisure travelers, corporate travelers and students, this eSIM presents an affordable alternative to traditional international roaming telecommunications solutions.

Available for less than $10, the eSIM will be accessible in over 190 countries through the Sensorise mobile app, which offers a selection of over 1,000 customizable plans and will provide the widest global coverage for eSIM data plans.

What is this eSIM?

eSIM acts as a digital SIM card, which will enable users to subscribe to data and internet packages without the need to physically replace the SIM card. This allows for plans to be customized based on specific countries or regions, eliminating expensive operator roaming fees and the inconvenience of searching for public Wi-Fi networks in foreign lands.

This innovation is a significant leap towards global travel connectivity for Indians. Referring to this, Karan Nagpal, President, Rosmerta Technologies, who was present at the launch, said that the eSIM solution is not only a testament to their technological solutions but also to their commitment to creating solutions that simplify and improve the lives of individuals. 

Also shows. He further said that they aim for a future where seamless connectivity is a fundamental part of every passenger's journey.

What benefits will you get?

This digital SIM will allow you to easily access data and internet plans while abroad without the need to replace your traditional physical SIM card with a new one. Plus, it will give you the freedom to tailor your plan to suit the specific region or country you're visiting, ensuring seamless connectivity during your trip.

Using this eSIM is as easy as scanning the QR code, enabling instant connectivity. Sensorise's eSIM also includes monitoring, security features and controls to keep your travels safe.


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