The Government in Telangana on Thursday launched 'Maha Lakshmi Yojana', which provides free travel for women, girls and transgender persons.

According to an official release, the Transport Department of the Government of Telangana has announced the launch of '6 Guarantees-Maha Lakshmi' scheme.

The Maha Lakshmi scheme was announced by the Congress party in its manifesto for Telangana on 18 September. According to the plan, the Congress party will provide free bus travel to women in Telangana, and will also provide ₹2500 every month to women under the Mahalakshmi scheme.

After taking oath as the new Chief Minister of Telangana, Revanth Reddy on Thursday approved all the six guarantees made by the Congress party in Telangana.

Maha Lakshmi Scheme aims to provide free travel to girls, women of all age groups and transgender persons in express buses operated by state-run Palle Velugu and Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) within the boundaries of Telangana state.

This scheme will be effective from December 9, 2023. This scheme is specially designed for the benefit of girls, women of all age groups and transgender persons living in Telangana.

They can travel anywhere within Telangana state limits in Palle Velugu and express buses from December 9, 2023. Travel in Interstate Express and Palle Velugu buses will be free for the beneficiaries up to the Telangana state border.

The Telangana government will reimburse TSRTC the fare charged by women passengers based on the actual distance covered by them, the release said.

Vice Chairman and Managing Director of TSRTC has been entrusted with the task of taking further necessary action and issuing detailed instructions for effective implementation of the “Maha Lakshmi” scheme.

Additionally, the release said plans are underway to develop a software-based “Maha Lakshmi” smart card, which will provide a seamless and efficient way of availing the benefits of the scheme at the appropriate time.


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