Flag carrier of United Arab Emirates announced that it will cancelled all flights between India and UAE till June 30, 2021 and also the travellers who have transit through India in last 14 days will not be allowed to enter through any other point in the UAE.

Only Nationals of UAE, holders of UAE Golden Visas, and members of diplomatic missions who comply with the revised published COVID‑19 protocols will be exempt from travel.

Lastly, Emirates cancelled all the flights between India and UAE till June 14, 2021 as India hits worstly by the deadly second wave of novel coronavirus.

Official of the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GCAA) said, "A final date about when the suspension will be lifted is under continuous assessment. We are closely monitoring the situation in India"

Who allowed to travel UAE from India

UAE nationals, diplomatic delegations, official delegations, and flights of businessmen are the categories that are exempted from this restriction of travelling.

Passengers arriving from India through any other country are required to provide proof of a period of stay in those countries of no less than 14 days to be allowed to enter the United Arab Emirates.

COVID-19 test requirement

Dubai Health Authorities stated that starting from 22nd April 2021, all passengers travelling to Dubai from India will be required to take a RT-PCR test within 48 hours with QR-Code mentioned before departure and all tests must be approved through ICMR.


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