As India is facing the deadly second wave of coronavirus many of the countries have ban the entry of Indian nationals to prevent themselves from the covid-19 infection.

Many of the holiday destinations such as the United Kingdom, Canada, United States, Europe, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Thailand, Sri Lanka and many more have also face the tourism crisis as Indian travellers not allowed by their Govenrments.

Some countries that had recently allowed tourist visa for Indians including the Maldives, Nepal and Dubai, have again ban the entry of Indians after seeing the deadly second wave of Covid-19 in the country.

President of the Indian Association of Tour Operators, Rajiv Mehra said, "There was some hope with countries like the Maldives, Dubai, Seychelles and Nepal opening up for Indian tourists briefly. But now we are badly hit again. Flights aren't operating and countries aren't even issuing e-visas,"

South Africa

South Africa has not yet imposed any travel restrictions on Indian tourists, but flight options as ports of entry are limited. South Africa is currently under a Level 1 curfew, which is equivalent to traveling under sanctions, possibly not being liable for holidays.


Turkey comes in one of the few other countries that are still welcoming tourists from India, but it mandates 14 days of quarantine upon arrival in the country. Passengers will have to undergo RT-PCR testing on the 14th day and will be allowed to exit the quarantine facility only upon performing the negative against the covid-19 test.


Egypt is also an open destination for Indian tourists, but all those arriving in the country will have to undergo for RT-PCR testing upon arrival. If found positive, passengers will be asked to either return to their departure location or be remain in quarantine at Turkey for at least 14 days in the government aided facilities.


Russia is one of the country that allows Indians to come on tourist visas, but very few flights are operating currently. The promises of a 'vaccine holiday' are proving to be false, as Russian authorities have confirmed to India Today television that the country is not vaccinating tourists arriving from India.

IATO estimates that the inbound tourism industry has incurred a loss of about Rs 2 lakh crore as on 31 March 2021 in the last financial year. The value of the indirect loss is estimated to be around Rs 6 lakh crore.

For the outbound, the industry has estimated a loss of 15 lakh crores to the economy.

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