As after controlled the pendamic of covid-19 and after putting some restrictions against the spread of coronavirus, Sri Lanka restart the international flights from June 01, 2021.

According to a media release issued by Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka, all passengers and flights arriving at Sri Lanka's international airport will have to comply with the following restrictions until further notice: 

1) A total of 75 passengers can board each incoming flight.

2) No passenger (including transit) will be allowed to travel to India in the last 14 days.

3) All incoming passengers will be subjected to a quarantine period of 14 days as per the instructions of the health authorities.

Flights restricted from India, United Kingdom and Vietnam

Sri Lanka will deny entry to the UK, India, and on arrival to anyone who has lived in those areas in the past 14 days prior to their departure to Sri Lanka.

Due to the huge jump in the cases of COVID-19 in India, Sri Lanka has suspended all incoming flights from India on 06 May 2021.

Further, the CAASL has also informed all airlines that passengers with travel history to Vietnam (including transit) in the last 14 days will not be allowed to enter in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka open for Visitors

Sri Lanka is now open to tourists from most countries,
but all foreign travelers will need to obtain a visa, health insurance, and a negative COVID-19 test result not taken 92 hours before their trip.

In addition, travelers will also be required to show proof of booking at a Level 1 hotel, where they will be isolated in a "bio bubble" for at least the first 13 days of their stay. At their hotel, the test will take place on the arrival of the guests, on 5-7 days and then on the 14th day.

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