Singapore has shortened the stay-at-home notice period for new travellers arriving in the city from high-risk countries, including India. The Ministry of Health said this on the basis of updated evidence collected in the last one month.

As per reports, these passengers will need to get themselves tested regularly with self-administered Antigen Rapid Test kits along with existing Polymerase Chain Reaction tests. There will be a new test requirement for new passengers arriving on June 27, 2021.

Reports says, since little was known about the emerging version of the concern, including its recent incubation period, the MoH has issued a 21-day stay-at-home order to travelers with recent travel history as a precaution. High-risk locations were required to serve home notices.

As of now, except Brunei Darussalam, Australia, Macau, Hong Kong, mainland China and New Zealand, all other countries including India and other regions are in high-risk areas.

The ministry further said that since the 21 day stay home notice period for people with recent travel history to high-risk places was implemented on May 8, Singapore has registered 270 imported cases till June 22 among this group.

All of them had an incubation period well within the 14-day window, which is why the stay-at-home notice has been reduced from 21 days earlier to 14 days.

Meanwhile, the passengers will have to undergo PCR tests on their arrival in Singapore, and on the 14th day, i.e., before expiring their stay-home notice.

There will be no change in the rule for migrant workers from high-risk countries or regions who live in hostels or work in the construction, marine and process sector. The ministry said they will have to spend an additional seven days at a migrant worker onboarding center or a dedicated facility after their initial 14-day stay of stay notice.


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