Elected President of United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) and current Foreign Minister of Maldives Abdulla Shahid, who is on a visit to India, said on Thursday that any tourist with negative RT-PCR test report can visit Maldives.

"We are ready to receive everyone in the Maldives, we have very strict health protocols in place. Any tourist who comes to the Maldives with a PCR test can come into the Maldives, they escorted to the islands under these strict protocols, guidelines."

Maldives has given priority, top priority to making tourists feel at home. The Maldivian Foreign Minister said that as a result of this policy, 98 percent of those working in tourist resorts have now been vaccinated with two doses.

Foreign Minister added, "So, tourists, our guests can be in the resorts with the comfort that the people who are serving them, the people with who they come in contact, people fully vaccinated."

To review the weather conditions and the status of the situation, it will be necessary for the Asians to revisit the weather on July 15, 2021 starting from automatic-arrivals.


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