Himachal Pradesh has made RT-PCR report or complete vaccination mandatory for those wishing to travel to the hill state.

Himachal government announced that RT-PCR reports not older than 72 hours are mandatory for anyone wishing to enter the state. The state government will also not accept rapid antigen tests older than 24 hours.

State Health Minister Rajiv Saizal said that it is imperative to take this decision to save the lives of the people from the virus. Those wishing to come to the state will have to show at least 72 hours old RT-PCR test report.

Saizal further added, "A person who has got both the jabs of Covid-19 vaccine can also be allowed to enter the state". Also tourists entering Himachal Pradesh a day before the announcement are taking extra precautions.

As Himachal reopened its borders for tourism, the region witnessed huge rush of tourists. The hill state had closed its borders due to rising cases of delta infection. But the borders were reopened soon after the coronavirus situation in the country got better. The state government said that tourists can enter without any RT PCR test and soon after, tourists from all over the world joined in.

But now the government has once again made RT PCR test report mandatory for tourists. According to the state health department, 75 percent of Himachal's population has already done the first use of the vaccine.


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