Indonesian island, Bali has been postponed for tourists, after several such attempts, due to a rise in coronavirus cases on the island, mostly among unaffiliated locals.

Previousy, a government official said they were aiming to reopen for tourism in late July and early August, but they have to keep an eye on where they are in this recent hike in coronavirus cases. He said he would wait for the situation to become more favorable.

Bali's Governor Koster issued a statement saying that plans to open Bali to foreign tourists have been postponed because the situation in Indonesia is not conducive to allowing international tourists, including Bali to visit the country.

Minister further that the decision on when foreign tourism can resume in the Southeast Asian country will depend on the assessment of the situation inside and outside the country.

Although tourism is Bali's primary source of income, the current situation is not right to bring more people here. The governor of Bali elaborated that Bali cannot fail as it could adversely affect the image of Indonesia including Bali in the eyes of the world, which could prove unfavorable for the recovery of the visit.

Reportedly, in recent months, Indonesian authorities have invited tourism and transport ministers from several major tourism partners to examine the hygiene measures and protocols in place on the islands to help countries label Indonesia as a safe country.


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