Himachal Pradesh is once again witnessing a rise in the number of coronavirus cases. This has forced the state to go for an online registration system for admission. 

Online travel registration has now been declared mandatory for Himachal Pradesh.

Ram Subhag Singh, Chief Secretary-cum-Chairman of the State Executive Committee, Himachal Pradesh said in a statement, "All inter-state movement to the state will be monitored through registration on Covid e-registration software."

The state executive committee has also issued additional instructions so that this time this virus can be effectively controlled in the state. According to the new rules, all goods carriers have been exempted from this rule. Goods vehicles whether empty or loaded are exempted from registering online.

This includes weekend travellers, including, "industrialists, traders, suppliers, factory workers, project proponents, service providers, government officials and people visiting the state on medical grounds."

It is also stated that children below the age of 18 years, and accompanied by a parent/guardian, and who have RT PCR report, or proof of both doses of approved vaccines, shall also be exempted from registration.

Himachal Pradesh attracts a large number of tourists every year, with places like Manali being overcrowded for most of the year. The new online registration will curb the sudden influx of tourists, and people will think twice before traveling to the hill state during the pandemic.


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