After the low-down in cases of coronavirus, Singapore will reopen its border to vaccinated visitors from 11 countries from 19 October.

Its guidelines state that travelers have to be vaccinated with a World Health Organization (WHO) approved vaccine.

The Singapore government's VTL plan covers seven European countries – Denmark, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom, Germany – as well as the United States and Canada.

Brunei is the only Asian country on the list. China, India and Indonesia have not been included so far. In addition, vaccinated travelers from South Korea will also be allowed to enter the country from November 15.

To avail the VTL scheme, passengers have to fly to Singapore in a VTL-specified flight operated by Singapore Airlines or Lufthansa. The government will add other carriers to the list over time. Singapore Airlines is expanding VTL flight services to 14 cities, with more points on special designated services to be announced in the coming weeks, the carrier said in a statement.

Passengers will also have to carry proof of their vaccination and undergo RT-PCR test 48 hours before their departure and upon arrival at Changi Airport in Singapore. Earlier, passengers had to undergo four such tests to gain entry.

The announcement comes days after Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong pushed to live with Covid-19 without having the fear. During a televised address on Saturday, Loong said the Delta version has shown that Covid-19 is going nowhere.

However, with vaccinations, social distancing measures and careful monitoring, it will be possible to live with the "new normal". "It will take us at least three months and maybe up to six months to get there," he cautioned.


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