United States has canceled 2,604 flights, more than half of the 4,529 canceled worldwide, due to the sudden hike in omicron cases and bad weather ie; heavy snpwfall and heavy winds.

Not only cancelled, 3,447 domestic flights were delayed out of a total of 7,602 flights across the world.

Southwest airline had to cancel 13 percent of its flight schedule, according to the site.

The global air travel industry is still facing with the highly contagious due to the Omicron variant and due to the bad weather.

Many pilots, flight attendants and other staff are absent from work after contracting COVID-19, or because they are in quarantine after coming into contact with someone who has the infection of omicron virus.

Previously, United State's originated airline, United Airlines has cancelled about 2,000 flights because it was very worried about the areas of Corona virus last year and it does not want to worry about it anymore, so America has banned international flights.

In the wake of Omicron virus, United Arab Emirates will ban travel abroad of non-vaccinated nationals from January 10, as per guidelines issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority.


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