In view of the rapidly increasing omicron virus cases in India, all flights have been stopped in West Bengal, night curfew has been imposed, schools, salons, spa restaurants, all have been completely closed to prevent citizens from the deadly virus.

West Bengal's Omicron tally has risen to 20 after registering 2 new cases on Saturday. The restrictions were imposed after a steady increase in the cases of Covid in West Bengal. On Saturday, it reported 4,512 fresh infections, 1,061 more than the previous day's figure, with Kolkata reporting 2,398 fresh cases.

According to the figures of the day before in West Bengal, 308 omicron virus cases have been found, which is causing panic in the government there and the government has taken this decision with immediate effect by taking up the meeting immediately.

Right now the omicron virus is slowly making its home in India too, due to which 1200-1300 cases are being received daily.

Recently, 9 people have been found infected in a flight coming from United States, due to which there was a lot of fear but the Airport Authority of West Bengal immediately put those people in quarantine and tested the rest of the people and let them go home after coming positive.


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