Hong Kong has announced a 14 days home quarantine on arrival for all international travelers in view of the ever-increasing coronavirus cases.

This announcement has been given by the Hong Kong government after a steady decrease in the cases of coronavirus, Hong Kong is considered very capable of fighting the corona virus because the number of cases there is very low, due to which it is giving exemption to travelers coming to their country.

Omicron variant of corona virus is leaving its mark worldwide, In Hong Kong too, there had been a lot of exposure in the past, due to which Hong Kong had stopped all incoming travelers in December.

During pendamic time Hong Kong was only allowing the citizens of his country to come, that too after three weeks of home isolation.

According to new guidelines of Hong Kong, all international travelers coming to the country will have to stay in the hotel for 7 days and after that they will have to quarantine at their home for 7 days in which they will have to undergo two tests, in which they will be relaxed only if they come negative in both. then have to stay in isolation.

Still 8 countries are fully banned by Hong Kong including Canada, Australia, France, Pakistan, Philippines, United States and United Kingdom.

Hong Kong government has asked its citizens not to travel without urgency, stay at home and do not gather in large numbers and also to follow the several protocals announced by the health ministry then only we will be abe to defeat the coronavirus.


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