The third wave of Corona has arrived in India. Meanwhile, the new variant Omicron has spread its feet in most of the states of the country. However, WHO chief, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has recently issued a warning saying that the new variant should not be considered as mild.

While talking to NDTV on Friday on the growing case of Omicron, a doctor working in AIIMS Jodhpur has also asked to be careful. He said "don't take Omicron lightly".

Dr Tanmay Motiwala, who works in the Department of Paediatrics, was found corona positive on Wednesday. He is currently in isolation. He said that I probably came in contact with a patient from ICU, after which I had mild headache. Weakness was felt. After that I isolated myself.

On the matter of doctors being found corona positive in the country, the senior resident doctor said that we had come up with a schedule when booster doses were to be given. But the wave of Corona came at the same time. He said that I had helped in the previous wave of Corona as well. The doctors had been infected earlier as well. But this time the numbers seem to be higher. In some places the whole department became Covid positive.

This is really worrying. In many places, officials are telling that the number of patients admitted in hospitals is less or the new variant is mild. Dr Motiwala says that we have to first understand that the huge number of cases has already burdened the system. For a year, we didn't have 40,000 junior doctors.

Dr Motiwala said that for people who have good immunity, the symptoms may be mild. But it can be fatal for those at risk. People with good immunity can avoid it, but they can pass it on to their people.


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