In view of the ongoing Omicron variant outbreak, Thailand has decided to suspend its quarantine-free visa program for vaccinated visitors. Thailand has also taken some other measures regarding this latest outbreak.

Thai nation has decided to ban the sale of alcohol in restaurants in areas that are at high risk of coronavirus infection.

Thailand's virus task force, however, did not include Bangkok, Phuket and six other tourist destinations with any strict containment measures. There will be a ban on drinking alcohol in restaurants and other commercial places after 9 pm in these areas.

Foreign visitors, who have a valid visa for quarantine exemption, will still be allowed to enter the country. In addition, those who already have approval under the government's Test and Go program will be allowed to enter the country with their approved stay.

The country is heavily dependent on tourism, but its tourism industry has been facing difficulties in the last two years due to the lockdown.


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