In the recent war between Ukraine and Russia, many Ukrainians have been killed, Russia is still not backing down from the attack and is continuously attacking Ukraine due to which there is a lot of loss of life and property.

There is a large number of Indian medical students studying in Ukraine who are completing their studies by staying there and in view of this attack, all the universities have been closed and they have asked their foreign students to go home.

The situation is so high and the bombing from Russian troops is happening so much that it is very difficult for the students stucked there.

Many news channels will show how Indian students are pleading with the Indian government from there, in a talk with the news channel, an Indian student has said that, "India has completely failed in Ukraine rescue because they do not get any assurance from India."

He further added, "In -3 degree temperature, Indian students are stranded in Ukraine in large quantity, First some students had left for Poland from Ukraine but Poland refused to give entry and stopped them at the border."

Ukrainian government is keeping all the students in a safe house, but after all this has happened not even a single comment or assurance or some relief material has not reached those students from the Indian Govt.

According to a figure it has been found that there are about 20000 Indians stranded in Ukraine, out of which there are more students who are pursuing their medical studies.

The students trapped there are very upset over this shameful act of the Government of India, they are crying and calling their family members, the family members are in a bad condition, but the Government of India has not announced any assurance or relief at present.


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