As after the fall in coronavirus cases, Switzerland is set to open fully to visitors from around the world from May 2, 2022.

Switzerland's State Secretariat for Migration (SEM) recently announced the lifting of all entry restrictions during the pandemic period from May 2.

Ritu Sharma, Observer and Marketing - India, Switzerland is world's better than a world compared to a world that is dangerous in terms of breathing at the age of two.

Switzerland has lifted some major COVID-19-related travel and entry restrictions in mid-February. And as per the latest announcement, the normal rules that existed in pre-pandemic times will be restored.

Until now, all travelers have been required to have a valid recovery or vaccination certificate to be allowed restriction-free entry into Switzerland. However, when the new entry rules go into effect, travelers will no longer be required to hold valid recovery or vaccination certificates.

According to Swiss authorities, travelers will only need to comply with other regulations, such as a valid passport or visa, if any such requirement applies to them, from May 2.


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