Coronavirus has once again started wreaking havoc in China, news is coming that the death toll in Shanghai and the deteriorating situation are creating havoc every day.

Due to Corona virus, the economy of the whole country has facing many challanges, due to which there has been a huge decline in shares of oil and iron. The fear in this is whether the country will lose its business completely or will emerge from this virus and take over its business.

In Shanghai, more than 20 million people are sealed in their homes, the lock down is being followed strictly with strict rules and they are even not allowed o move out from their homes.

Thousands of infection are occurring in Shanghai every day and the corona virus is not improving, on this the President of China Xi Jinping has said that this is the third year in a row that we are seeing the worst form of the corona virus.

China has always been known for its efforts and by adopting new policy to listen to the corona virus at all, it is saving the lives of its citizens and is engaged in improving its economy.

In China, testing has increased so much that even the local hospitals there are calling and testing everyone and if any corona virus is found positive, then hospitals are admitting them and taking care of them.

The situation in Shanghai is so bad that people have to stand in long lines for testing and there is a lot of shortage of food and medical care. Beijing Authority has said in its statement that we should give fresh vegetables and medical supplies to our citizens.

On the other hand, the economy has become so bad that China is seeing its worst time in 3 years. On Sunday, there were 138 deaths due to corona virus in the vehicle and 196 patients are admitted in bad condition.


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